5732 Highway 7, Unit#33
Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 3A2
Photo Credits:
Henri Cartier-Besson
Rue Mouffetard Paris 1954
Pride... a pleasant, sometimes exhilarating, emotion that results from a positive self-evaluation and personal contribution, is a special quality that one can only earn. 

As the boy in the picture emanates such a distinction from his minor task, at Da Vinci we believe that the minor tasks are what make the biggest difference. 

Attention to detail, simple accommodations and satisfaction in knowing that our efforts can make an event perfect, is what we believe is the benchmark of Da Vinci.   
Located in Woodbridge, Ontario.  Da Vinci Banquet Hall caters to a wide variety of occasions from weddings to conventions.  The elegant and newly renovated banquet rooms may hold from 20 to 100 guests, in fully air-conditioned and comfortable surroundings.