Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Leonardo Da Vinci

At Da Vinci Banquet Hall, we have many options in terms of floor plans.


At DaVinci our largest room can accommodate up to 1200 guests and our smallest, most intimate room can, accommodate as few as 40 guests. We can also configure these rooms to accommodate any size event in between.

As shown in our seating plans below, we have the ability to divide our rooms into different configurations to accommodate your needs. You may require the traditional banquet style event like wedding, or social events which require a dance floor; a classroom arrangement for meetings and seminars; or, you may need a set-up in theatre style for awards and presentation events or concerts.

This versatility gives DaVinci the ability to size your room for your specific needs. With available built-in audio/visual equipment, we can also customize your event with sound and acoustic lighting to create the ambiance you would like to share with your guests.

Floor Plans

Da Vinci – Room A

Da Vinci – Room AB

Da Vinci – Room ABC

Da Vinci – Room ABC – (without Dance floor)

Da Vinci – Room BC

Da Vinci – Room C

Da Vinci – Room D

Da Vinci – The Gallery